Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Epic Fail

So I failed miserably at updating everyday.  But lets just say that this has been the worst couple days ever...for reasons that will not be disclosed.  In the meantime..I will do a big update for the past 6 days that I have failed to entertain/inform you about.  Here we go...

1.  I hate my internship and don't really know what to do.  I have officially decided that fashion and magazine work combined is not for me.

2.  This weekend was my friend carly's 21st birthday.  We will leave it at that because too many things happened that we do not need to talk about

3.  I also watched my baby girls this weekend and Parker on Sunday night.

4.  My Jets lost to the Steelers (rapists)...I was pretty sad but that is okay they tried and had a good second half.

5.  My favorite fruit stand came back today...its a block from my apartment and I am super excited.

6.  I had a conversation with a 76 year old man at 4 am at dunkin donuts on saturday night..the first thing he said to Nikki and I was "I am not drunk or perverted"  I responded with..."Why are you awake now" and he said "I was at a bar" and I then said "and really you are not drunk...explain that one to me"...then he proceeded to tell me all about his dead wife and children..and he showed me their photos.

7.  I am in class right now and should probably be paying attention to the movie we are watching.  We are watching Man on Wire...oh Writing New York..you were a useless class.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh January Session...

I am sitting in class right now...clearly paying excellent attention.  January session is kind of a joke!  Our professor really doesn't seem to care that no one is paying attention...which actually makes me feel kind of bad.  We were supposed to read Ragtime for today...the whole book...and I might have gotten a total of 40 pages done.  Oops...but I had other HW for this class so I have a legitimate excuse.  Right now, one kid is watching a movie and pretty much everyone else is doodling or on Facebook.  I clearly, am not doing what I am supposed to be doing...so what a great time to update my blog and catch myself up.

Today has been rainy and disgusting all day!  I went to sushi with Nikki which is always good...and cleaned my room...Surprise Surprise.  Other then that nothing else.  Like I said..I am not exciting.

Interning tomorrow..woohoo.


Target with Gina

So Monday morning...I don't think anyone really likes Monday mornings...unless you don't have to go to work or school...which, due to Martin Luther King Day was cancelled.  I went to the gym with Gina in the morning and I went to Target with her in the afternoon to buy a space heater because it is so darn cold!  And on top of the cold..our heat is not working because my roommate Nikki had a leaking pipe in her room...and the only way the pipe stopped leaking was if the heat in the whole building was turned off.  I am pretty sure building 530 hates our GUTS! but that is ok..had to do what we had to do...

Aside from that...not an exciting day...at 1:30 am Christie and I could not sleep so we turned to Jazzercise as a way to not only work out but tire ourselves out.  Little did we know we would actually be sore the next day...my right butt cheek is hating me right now..clearly it needs to tone up.  Anyway...nothing too exciting just trying to catch up on my blogging!



I definitely watched my Jets kick butt against the Patriots on Sunday...I was pretty happy...but I was respectful because my roommate Kate and my friend Gina were both here and are sadly...both Patriots fans.  Literally that was the most exciting part of my day...I went to the gym...thats not fun...but I have been trying to keep up with the working out and eating right.  Maybe one of these days I will see some results!



Wow...I have been so bad with the updates. Saturday the 15th I was with the little ladies again.  Not much of an exciting day.  We went to the Museum of Natural History, which was fun, other then the fact that the girls were more interested in buying candy, then looking at old dinosaurs and other cool things.  On the way over to the museum, we rode the bus, and Emma decided to tell everyone why she doesn't eat McDonalds.  She told the entire front of the bus that she doesn't eat it because it makes you fat, and because the chicken has hormones in it and hormones make your boobs grow.  Where she got this information...I haven't the slightest idea.  She is too funny..everyone was hysterical.  Other than that..we came home and ate dinner..had bath time..and struggled to go to bed.

Eliza and Emma


Sunday, January 16, 2011


I apologize for the lack of updates...well I apologize to my mom since she is pretty much the only one that reads my blog, but I have had a very bad cold and zero motivation to update.  Friday, which is when this blog should have been posted, I babysat the girls and we went to see Tangled.  Seriously, cutest movie I have seen in a long time, and it could very well be my favorite Disney movie...just saying.  Other then that, not too much excitement.  I got an A on a paper that I was very proud of, and my professor left some great comments which was really nice!

okay I need to go back to bed..


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here's to being an Intern

Definitely worked a 12 hour shift as an intern yesterday.  There was a snow storm the night before and I really did not want to go into work, but being that it was only my second day, I figured it was only necessary that I attend.  So I went, and was in for quite the surprise.  I had no idea that I would be there until 9 pm!  Thats a little wacky if I do say so myself..oh well..other then that ...nothing too exciting.