Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I fell asleep in the middle of blogging yesterday! OOPS! Yesterday was an exciting day.  I started my third internship...this one at Lucky Magazine, because after my other two internships I am really starting to believe that the fashion industry is where I would like to be long.  I love clothes, and working in fashion is any girls dream.  Do to confidentiality I am unable to share full details of the internship, however I will let you know what I can.  The fashion industry is as cut throat as they say.  People are demanding and expect things done quickly and efficiently, so if you are incapable of working in a tension filled fast pace environment, then I highly recommend finding another field of interest.  As far as first days go, my internship was fun, met a lot of cool people, and we will see over time how it goes.

After my internship which was all day...I had to go to class.  Apparently my attention span is lacking this January session because I am much more interested in Facebook then paying attention in class.  I sat for four hours, and remember very little of yesterdays class.  Ugh...its probably because I was working all day. Hopefully today I pay more attention then yesterday.  Oh well...hope everyones doing well!


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