Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh January Session...

I am sitting in class right now...clearly paying excellent attention.  January session is kind of a joke!  Our professor really doesn't seem to care that no one is paying attention...which actually makes me feel kind of bad.  We were supposed to read Ragtime for today...the whole book...and I might have gotten a total of 40 pages done.  Oops...but I had other HW for this class so I have a legitimate excuse.  Right now, one kid is watching a movie and pretty much everyone else is doodling or on Facebook.  I clearly, am not doing what I am supposed to be doing...so what a great time to update my blog and catch myself up.

Today has been rainy and disgusting all day!  I went to sushi with Nikki which is always good...and cleaned my room...Surprise Surprise.  Other then that nothing else.  Like I said..I am not exciting.

Interning tomorrow..woohoo.



  1. Anxious to hear about your first day on the job. Here's hoping that it's as enjoyable as the other internships. Best of luck kiddo!!!

  2. Still waiting for the intern update?????