Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Friends and Snowy Days

I guess you could say I take things for granted, particularly the weather.  I never appreciated the beauty of a snowy day until today.  I used to dread going out in the snow and the miserable mood it typically put me in, after leaving me drenched.  Today, I developed a new attitude about snow.  I walked around the park with two of my roommates and two good friends from home.  We walked all the way from 83rd and York to 59th and Central Park South, taking stops at Alice and Wonderland and the area where the movie Enchanted was filmed,.  I forget the name but my roommate Kate is obsessed with that movie (we are very mature) and we decided to check out the scenery on a snowy afternoon.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The best part about the day is that it was not too cold, it was just right, well as good as it can be when snow is blowing in your face :).

We just ate dinner, the four roommates, and now we are getting ready and going out downtown tonight.  It's definitely a pain in the butt traveling from our apartment all the way downtown, but well worth it because we always have a great time when we are together.  We are also meeting up with my friends Matt and Melissa at a bar called Off The Wagon...

The day wasn't too exciting but maybe this night will be full of entertainment and fun..ill keep you posted.  In the mean time, enjoy some photos of my beautiful snowy day.

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