Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let The Fun Begin

I've never blogged before, in fact, I have never written anything for the public to see.  I will most likely embarrass myself, spell things incorrectly, and use improper punctuation, but this is my learning experience, so feel free to comment. This blog is my attempt to capture different aspects of my year, and share them with you, in hopes that you are slightly interested.  Few people get to experience the life that I have been blessed with.  Twenty-two years old, living in New York City, with two responsibilities; Going to school and having fun.  This is my second year in the Big Apple.  The first year was all about learning to live on my own, making friends, figuring out the city, and getting back on the school grind.  This year is all about working hard, working out, trying new things, and enjoying my last year before going out into the real world.

Through my posts and pictures I hope to give you a laugh, inform you of the city life (particularly form a college students perspective), and leave you a little bit envious, because honestly, nothing is better then NYC in your early 20's.

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