Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Target with Gina

So Monday morning...I don't think anyone really likes Monday mornings...unless you don't have to go to work or school...which, due to Martin Luther King Day was cancelled.  I went to the gym with Gina in the morning and I went to Target with her in the afternoon to buy a space heater because it is so darn cold!  And on top of the cold..our heat is not working because my roommate Nikki had a leaking pipe in her room...and the only way the pipe stopped leaking was if the heat in the whole building was turned off.  I am pretty sure building 530 hates our GUTS! but that is ok..had to do what we had to do...

Aside from that...not an exciting day...at 1:30 am Christie and I could not sleep so we turned to Jazzercise as a way to not only work out but tire ourselves out.  Little did we know we would actually be sore the next day...my right butt cheek is hating me right now..clearly it needs to tone up.  Anyway...nothing too exciting just trying to catch up on my blogging!


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