Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Hangin' out at home, not doing my HW which will probably get me in trouble at some point, but I am watching Friday Night Lights with my roommates which is a lot more exciting then reading about the history of NY.  Not much of an exciting day today.  I am getting back into working out and eating well.  I am trying to lose ten pounds by Spring Break!  I am very determined...and have the help of my roommate who is doing it with me.  The holiday treats were well worth it, but I am paying for it now.   I ran three miles today, and should probably go take a shower but I am laying on the couch with Kate and Jason...

It's supposed to snow today...I am dreading it, because I will have to walk to the subway in it tomorrow to get to work.  A little bit of flurrying is okay, but this is supposed to be a full blown blizzard. :(

Thats about it for today...


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  1. Think ur right - living in NYC is a young woman's game. hahaha. Enjoy it ALL kiddo. I'm super happy for you that you have this wonderful opportunity and you're smart enough to take advantage of it. Keep up the great work.