Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today I watched my little ladies that I watch twice a week.  They are too funny and always manage to crack me up.  I will definitely post some pictures of these little divas as soon as I find my camera cord. My room got hit by a tornado...also known as me being lazy and finding that cord could take...well who knows long.  Anyway, I spent the day playing in the snow with Emma and Eliza (twins age 4) and lets just say it wasn't as fun as it sounds.  We were freezing cold because its about 20 degrees and windy, and Emma was just not having it today.

When we got back home the girls decided they wanted to put on their Tutus and run around the house.  They're so cute.  Eliza is fascinated by boobs right now so she asked me to record a video of her talking about her boobs, or the ones that she would like in the future.  I wish I could post the video but I don't know how, but I will tell you that she does want them to be as big as the distance from New York to California, and she would like them to be high enough in the sky for Jesus to reach down and touch.  Quite the little lady I have on my hands lol.  It's a darn good thing shes cute.

Anyway not an exciting of the girls will be up soon.  I have to go get ready for my new internship that starts tomorrow! Lucky magazine here I come!

I'll be back tomorrow night!



EMMA and I



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